Are Zinnias Annuals Or Perennials?

(And how to make them last longer)

Zinnias are gorgeous flowers that are easy to grow and attract bees and butterflies.  They crave full sun and fertile soil.

Zinnias make a colorful addition to the flower garden.  Though they are annuals, they will continue to bloom all summer if tended properly.

You can get a longer blooming season out of zinnias if you follow a few simple rules: deadhead and fertilize!

To deadhead, you'll want to cut the flower head off at just the right spot- this will encourage new growth and more blooms. (See full post for details).

Zinnias can be deadheaded over and over again throughout the season.  This will extend the zinnia bloom season!

Zinnias use up a lot of nutrients during the long blooming season, which can last 4-5 months.

Support the zinnia plants through the blooming season with a high quality flower fertilizer.

Visit the full blogpost to learn how to support zinnia blooms up until the first frosts of autumn!!