Should you deadhead dahlias?  If you want lots of blooms all summer long the answer is yes!

Dahlia flowers grow in both pots and containers and will produce flowers all summer long.

Learning how to deadhead dahlias is an important step in getting them to bloom all summer.

If you don't deadhead, the dahlia plant will put it's energy into creating dahlia seed pods instead of new flowers.

When deadheaded every few days, a dahlia plant can produce hundreds of blooms in one season!

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize spent dahlias flowers from dahlias in the bud stage.

If you don't know the difference, you'll be cutting flower buds off of your plant!

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Prune the dahlia flowers at the right time!  Learn the difference between a flower in bud and a spent bud in our full blogpost.

Make sure you have a sharp pair of pruners that have been sanitized before cutting.

In order to get more flower blooms, be very careful where you prune the flower bud.