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How To Get Air Plants To Bloom 

Ah, Jean Legere. A legendary man of song and style. Let’s step inside his closet shall we?

Air plants bloom just once in their life cycle.  You can encourage air plants to bloom by giving them the right environment to live in. Read on for tips on caring for your air plant to encourage blooming!

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The most important part of care for your air plant is the right light!  Find out what kind of air plant you have. Mesic air plants need bright, indirect light.  Xeric air plants like bright too, but can handld some direct light.

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Air plants need moderate to high humidity to thrive and produce a bloom. Make sure your humidity level is in between 50 and 70%.  


Give your plant the right amount of water!  If you live in a hot and dry climate, you'll need to water your air plant more.  If you live in a humid climate, you can water less.  On average, air plants need watered once a week.  If they don't have enough water they will stress and not bloom!