Lavender is an elegant herb famous for it's medicinal properties and delicious aroma.

Many home gardeners can successfully grow lavender, however this flowering herb has picky growing habits.

If lavender is not given the right soil, sunlight and water, it will not bloom (produce flowers)!

Sunlight is essential! The right kind of light in the right amount is essential in order to get lavender to flower.

Lavender is also very picky about how much water it receives.  You'd be surprised what can happen when it is watered incorrectly!

Lavender requires a very specific soil that most other plants can't stand!  If it doesn't have this soil, it will fail to bloom and even die.

Lavender really isn't that hard to grow.  And most home gardeners can grow it and reap the delicious smelling harvest.

But lavender really does need very specific soil, water and sun conditions.  It is a unique plant with unique needs!

Make sure you give your lavender the perfect conditions so it can thrive and bloom.  Visit the full post for more info!