Pink Peonies To Grow And Enjoy (With Pictures)

I once heard pink peonies described as oversized ice cream cones billowing in the breeze. With their generous blooms and flamboyant colors, peonies truly are an irresistible floral treat.

A pink Hawaiian coral peony in full bloom.

Pink peonies are a a special spring delight… a feast for the eyes and a joy for the gardener’s soul. Sweet in fragrance, generous in petals, and a bit flamboyant at times, pink peonies add a splash of over the top enthusiasm and joy in early spring.

Today we are sharing all about these generously petaled flowers. For the romantics we’ll be exploring the meaning of giving pink peonies as a gift, and the significance of planting them in your garden space.

And for those with green thumbs (or who’d like to grow green thumbs… we all start somewhere!) we’ll be sharing the best varieties to grow and giving a few tips for planting.

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Gorgeous, flamboyant Lorelei pink peonies.

Benefits of Growing Pink Peonies

Peonies can take up to 3 years to mature and produce abundant floral blooms. Additionally, herbaceous peonies bloom for a very short time (one bush will bloom and the flowers last for around 7 to 10 days).

So are growing pink peonies still worth it? We think so! Here’s why:

  • With huge billowy blooms and vibrant colors, peonies are unrepeatable… no other flower stands out quite like the peony!
  • Peonies brighten up a late spring garden with their huge blooms and various bold colors
  • Peonies make excellent cutting flowers, they are a wonderful cut flower to enjoy in the home or give as gifts
  • After they peony blooms fade, the dark green foliage stays luscious and beautiful until late autumn
  • Peony plants can last a very long time, even up to a century, making them well worth the time to plant and care for
  • The short bloom season of herbaceous peonies makes them even more valuable, loved and special. They are a joy to look forward to year after year
  • Pink peonies are NOT difficult to grow. They crave moderate, well draining soil and a sunshine.

Learn how to achieve a longer peony bloom season with these tips.

Pink peonies add a bold and romantic splash of color to the cottage garden.

The Meaning of Pink Peonies

What do pink peonies symbolize?

Native to China, peonies are highly prized and full of rich meaning.

Pink peonies symbolize good luck, honor and prosperity, as well as happy relationships. Romantic, billowy, and just plain lovely, cut pink peony stems are often used in wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Planting pink peonies in your garden beds will bring delight each and every spring. They will also be a harbinger of good luck, with is a perfect flower to herald the coming of a lovely spring!

Pink peonies make excellent cut flowers. Plant multiple peony tubers and in a few years you’ll be able to share your gorgeous cut stems with friends and family, and of course on your own countertops! Learn the precise method for cutting peony flowers for arrangements here.

Pink Peony Bloom Types

Peonies boast an impressive 40 different species and thousands of varieties of individual plant types. In addition to different types of peony plants, each flower is classified into one of 6 diffrent bloom types.

These often over the top, generous blooms are categorized into six bloom types: Single, Double, Japanese, Anemone, Bomb, and Full Double. You can observe these different types of flower buds and take note of your favorites!

Pink Peony Varieties To Grow And Love

Pink peonies are coveted flowers, and every garden bed should make room to grow these attractive blooms. While there are literally hundreds of varieties of pink peonies to choose from, here are several of our favorite unique pink peony varieties to consider for your garden beds.

All of these peonies are herbaceous peonies.

Paeonia Cytherea

Beautiful Paeonia Cytherea in full bloom.

A cherry colored, bright and cheerful addition the garden, Cytherea pink peonies boast rows of double petals embracing yellow stamens.

These peonies are a mid blooming variety and are a long lasting cut flower, making them a favorite pink peony to add to borders. This variety can grow up to 30″ tall.

Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony

Pink Hawaiian Coral Peonies are lush, multi dimensional pink flowers that are truly a show stopper in the peony world. The hues in Pink Hawaiian Coral Peonies range from light pink to a more vibrant, bold color creating an irresistible ombre of pink!

Close up photo of Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony.

Pink Hawaiian Coral have a light, sweet fragrance and bloom from late spring to early summer, revealing yellow stamens within. When cut in marshmallow bud form, you can expect this flower to last for 7 to 10 days in a vase! (Read this article on how to cut peonies for flower arrangements).

Lorelei Peonies

When first opening, the Lorelei peony has a rich pinkish orange tone, which fades to apricot-peach.

Bold, rare and beautiful, Lorelei Peonies are a variety we just couldn’t resist adding. Starting with a vibrant bright pink, Lorelei fades to a softer peach as she ages. Each flower has a slightly different hue, making an established Lorelei peony bush a rainbow of pink-peach-apricot. Truly a delight to behold!

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With unique double petals and a slightly sweet fragrance, this vibrant early blooming peony will be a showstopper in your garden beds.

Gorgeous Lorelei petals as they age through their bloom time in soft peach.

Mons Jules Elie Peony (Monsieur Jules Elie)

Mons Jules Elie Peony is a light pink and lavender toned peony with generous ruffled double flowers.

Lightly colored, pink petals with a hint of lavender billow generously from the Monsieur Jules Elie. This peony blooms in late spring to early summer and has excellent properties for a cut vase. We especially love how the light pink at the tips of this flower blushes into a deeper hue at the petal base.

Mon Jules Elie is very large with thickly packed double blossoms and a wonderful light floral scent. If you love ruffles, this peony has more than enough to thrill you. This gorgeous peony is sure to stand out in your garden beds!

Mons Jules Elie peonies add dimension and interest to your flower garden.

Dinner Plate Peony

This dinner plate peony, a late season bloomer, is an excellent addition to a garden full of pink peonies.
Up close photo of the generously petaled, oversized Dinner Plate Peony

With huge blossoms of multiple pink layers, “dinner plate” peonies sure live up to their name! Very large flowers blossom to 7-8 inches of double petals. Light pink petals with scalloped, graceful edges.

This peony is an exceptional late season bloomer, so plant it alongside early pink peonies for a long lasting display of lovely flowers.

With a light sweet aroma and strong stems, dinner plate peonies make excellent cut flowers.

Do Tell Peony

do tell peony
Do Tell Peonies are an exquisite and unique flower to add to the early spring garden beds.

If you are looking for a unique pink peony flower that will add pizazz to your flower garden, the “Do Tell” Peony is it! This spectacular light pink peony is ready for a party, with stamens that resemble light pink and yellow confetti, and a soft petal that blushes with highlights of darker pink.

This peony is a mid blooming peony and can withstand early hot temperatures. Do Tell peonies are an exquisite flower to showcase in the garden!

up close photo of do tell peony
Up close photo of Do Tell Peony

Coral Charm Peony

coral charm peony
Coral Charm Peonies are a widely popular early blooming peony.

If you are looking for a perfect pink peony plant, look no further than Coral Charm. With a beautiful ombre of light pink edges to richly pink centers, the double petals fall perfectly around yellow inner stamens.

An early bloomer, this beautiful peony will be one of the first to greet you in early spring. Coral Charm is a very popular and well loved peony, one that is easily recognizable of the hundreds of varieties. Commonly used for cut bouquets and vases, you’ll find Coral Charm has a strong stem and long vase life.

coral charm peony up close photo
Coral Charm Peonies make an excellent cut flower.

Etched Salmon Pink Peony

Etched salmon pink peony.
Etched Salmon peony is a silvery pink double petaled flower.

Beautiful and unique, Etched Salmon is a silver pink peony with feathered petals and full double blooms. This unique pink peony is an early bloomer with a light scent and are a more vigorous variety of peony.

Bouquet Perfect Peony

Bouquet Perfect Peony is a bold reddish pink peony.

Boasting bright pink flowers on a low growing peony shrub, bouquet is a dainty, yet bold, shrub. This small peony is a midseason bloomer, and will brighten up your garden with abundant vibrant anemone blooms. Anemone peony blooms form compact petals in the center of the flower, surrounded by a single layer of outer petals.

This peony is compact, growing just shy of 2 feet, making the perfect petite pink peony bush for your yard. With brilliantly green foliage, you’ll enjoy Bouquet Perfect in your garden long after she blooms. Can tolerate light shade.

Angel Cheeks Peony

Angel Cheeks Peony is one of the best late blooming pink peonies to plant.
Angel Cheeks Peony is heavenly in light pink with huge, gorgeous blooms.

This beautiful peony flower is aptly named, Angel Cheeks is truly angelic! Perfectly huge blooms adorn this light pink, huge peony blooms. With darker pink centers, Angel Cheeks lightens in the outer petals.

This soft pink peony is a late season bloomer has luxurious, semi double fragrant flowers that often bloom to 5.5 inches wide. When cutting Angel Cheeks, be sure to leave plenty of room in the vase for the large flowers to unfold.

Peonies similar to Angel Cheeks: Sarah Bernhardt, Peony Moon River

Anima Pink Peony

Up close photo of Anima pink peony
The beautiful Anima peony is a real show stopper.

Ruffle galore with a beautiful white to pink petal fade, Anima is a peony that you’ll love in your garden beds. Anima is an early to mimd bloomer with unique white flares around the tips of the petals. She is a bold and gorgeous addition with lovely cut flowers to enjoy.

Anima pink peony bush.
A full bush of Anima peonies in bloom.

Thank you so much for taking a walk through the peony beds with us today. We hope we have inspired you with these gorgeous, unique pink peonies, and that you’ll find yourself surrounded by these beautiful, fragrant blooms in the years to come.

Please drop us a comment if you have any questions, and remember to take some time to stop and smell the roses.

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  1. I just love peonies! I would definitely plant them, except we already struggle with ants and I have heard peonies actually attract ants and need them to bloom! haha Gorgeous pictures. I will happily add tons of peonies when we’re in the country and I can build a big beautiful secret garden.

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