14 Best Hanging Indoor Plants For the Bathroom

Hanging indoor plants in the bathroom can add both charm and beauty to the space. And adding indoor greenery to your washroom can boost mental health and improve air quality.

But bathroom plants often need to be able to withstand high humidity and lower light, so you need to use care when choosing indoor plants for the bathroom.

It’s a good idea to choose your hanging bathroom plants carefully to fit the unique conditions of the loo!

Let’s dive into the best hanging plants for the bathroom. We’re sharing a few tips on what each indoor plant needs and how to keep them alive and thriving!

Best Hanging Indoor Plants For Bathrooms

What To Look For In Hanging Bathroom Plants: Bathrooms often feature low light conditions and high humidity from frequent warm running water. These unique latrine conditions offer a challenge when adding indoor plants.

But your bathroom can be lush with plants with a little care. When looking for hanging bathroom plants seek out plants that enjoy high humidity and can tolerate low-light conditions. There are many real plants that make a fantastic choice for bathroom decor! (Get our list of the most aesthetic indoor plants here).

Spider Plants

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) feature cascading vibrant foliage and are easy to grow. These common houseplants are one of the best plants for bathrooms.

We have several spider plants thriving in fluorescent light conditions. Spider plants need bright indirect light (direct light will burn their leaves). These gorgeous growers love a humid climate, making them a perfect bathroom companion. Keep humidity in the range of 60%.

We have successfully grown spider plants with low light conditions: one near a small window and one in artificial light. Learn how to grow spider plant babies here!

Snake Plant

Snake plants are one of the most versatile houseplants and can thrive in lower light conditions. Keep in mind that if you do not have natural window light you will want to leave an artificial light source on for your plant.

(Though they can tolerate low light, you do not want to leave a snake plant in a dark room all day.)

As a succulent, snake plants are drought tolerant. Wait until the snake plant is completely dry before watering. (Read more about watering your snake plant here).

Snake plants are not a typical cascading plant but can still hang from a planter. Look for a small variety of snake plant such as Dracaena parva. Small plants are easier to manage in a hanging pot! They lend a fun and charming vibe to the bathroom.

Aloe Vera

up close photo of leaves of aloe vera

Known for it’s healing powers and beautiful sage green leaves, aloe vera is an excellent choice for the bathroom.

This succulent does best in bright, indirect light so only feature aloe in you have a bright bathroom! You can also use artificial light for aloe, but the plant will require longer exposure to the artificial light source.

Aloe vera does not need high humidity but is adaptable to many environments. Aloe can easily be grown in a hanging pot or container.

Learn the best water for indoor houseplants here.


green string of turtles hanging in a pot in a bathroom

Peperomia are adorable house plants with heart shaped leaves that thrive with high humidity. We have several peperomia plants and they love the higher humidity found in a bathroom.

String Of Turtles are popular cascading peperomia variety that would do well in a hanging basket or on a bathroom shelf. While peperomia enjoy bright light that’s diffused, they can also thrive in artificial light.

There are many different varieties of peperomia and all do well in high humidity bathroom settings. Learn how to grow peperomia here.

Pothos Plants

golden phothos in a white pot

Pothos are a classic bathroom plant feature cascading bright green leaves. There are many varieties of pothos, and while they love bright indirect light they will also tolerate low light conditions.

When happy, pothos plants cascade with diamond shape leaves in brilliant shades of green: lime, dark, emerald and variegated green are all popular colors! Golden pothos are the most well known variety of pothos, featuring variegated gold and green leaves.

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, these gorgeous plants love high humidity and are a perfect addition to your bathroom vibes.

Allow the soil to dry out between watering, then give your pothos plant a deep drink with tepid water. (Learn the best sources of water for houseplants here!).

Heartleaf Philodendron

heart leaf philodendren in a bathroom

Heartleaf philodendron are a wonderful sprawling vine that are easy to grow and can tolerate a low-light bathroom setting. They feature large heart shaped leaves in a lively shade of green.

In their natural habitat they are used to growing in shaded areas on the forest floor. This makes them well suited to a low light room.

Philodendron grow faster with bright indirect light so if you have a bathroom window even better! These gorgeous green plants do well in a hanging basket. Heartleaf philodendron enjoy high humidity and need to be watered when the top layer of soil is dry.

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Boston Fern

boston fern in a bathroom

With their lush, ruffly foliage and beautiful vibrant green hues, Boston ferns are a popular hanging plant that can thrive in humid environments. Boston fern love moisture and humidity, making them excellent shower plants.

Since Boston fern love humidity bathrooms are a perfect spot for them. Give them bright indirect light when possible.

Boston ferns enjoy moist soil and need consistent watering. Keep their soil slightly damp at all times!

Air Plants

air plant blooming in a bathroom

Low maintenance and fun, air plants are one of the best bathroom plants. These funky tropical plants enjoy high humidity, anywhere from 60-70%, so a bathroom can be an ideal home for them.

Depending on the type of air plant and your local humidity level, you will need to water air plants every 5-10 days. Most air plant varieties enjoy bright and indirect natural light, but they can also survive with artificial fluorescent lighting.

Give your air plants the right growing conditions and you may see them produce a beautiful bloom!

English Ivy

english ivy in a container in a bathroom

If you want to create a cozy bathroom vibe, English ivy is the perfect plant!

This sprawling vine features heart-shaped leaves and thrives in low light. Give English ivy a deep drink of water once every 5-7 days or when the top lay of soil is dry. This pretty plant is a great option for windowless bathrooms. Set it in a wicker basket on a bathroom shelf or feature your ivy in a hanging pot.

English ivy loves humidity and can survive in low light. This low-maintenance plant is a perfect choice for a windowless bathroom!

ZZ Plant (Eternity Plant)

zz plant in a container

ZZ plants feature vibrant green foliage with perfectly shaped diamond shaped leaves. These low light plants add a lively touch of greenery to the bathroom.

ZZ plants can thrive in humidity levels around 50%. They are drought tolerant and have an effective water retention system, so water when the soil is completely dry.

ZZ plants can thrive under fluorescent lights. They can be grown in a hanging basket but are most commonly seen as a statement plant in an upright container.

Prayer Plants

A slow growing plant native to South America, prayer plants open their leaves at night and fold them during the day. These beautiful plants feature beautiful green leaves with vibrant red highlights.

Prayer plants crave bright indirect light but can also tolerate low light conditions. They enjoy very high humidity and need well draining soil.

With their ability to tolerate low light and their love of humidity, prayer plants are the perfect hanging plant for the bathroom.

Peace Lily

peace lily in a bathroom

Peace Lily are known for their vibrant green fronds and long white flowers. While often showcased in a living room, this lush plant makes a great choice for bathrooms as well!

Peace lilies are used to humid conditions and a moist environment, making them a good choice for a bathroom. They can tolerate low light conditions but it may affect the plant’s ability to bloom. (Find out how to care for a peace lily’s bloom here!).

Water peace lily whenever the top inch of soil feels dry. These popular indoor plants can be grown in a hanging pot or set out on a bathroom countertop.

Asparagus Fern

Vibrant green + delicate leaves cascade from the asparagus fern. Whimsical and a bit poetic, you may expect to find a fairy peeking her head out of your aspargus fern.

These plants are perfect for the bathroom: they love bright indirect light and adore humidity. Their soil needs to be kept consistently moist and they enjoy being misted every few days. Keep the bathroom temperature around 70 degrees for best results. With their low light tolerance and love for humidity, asparagus ferns are excellent plants for the bathroom!

Moth Orchids

orange and yellow moth orchid in a bathroom

Consider growing Moth Orchids if your bathroom has a window with bright light. Known for their vibrant flowers, moth orchids crave high humidity, making them ideally suited to a bathroom.

Moth orchids can be set on a counter or hung in a pot. Do not use regular potting soil for moth orchids: instead give them a quality orchid mix that features bark, peat moss, or rock.

Tips For Growing Houseplants In Bathrooms

Use these tips to keep your bathroom houseplants thriving and in tip top condition:

  • Give your houseplants good drainage. Whether your bathroom plants are in hanging baskets or pots, they need good drainage at the bottom of their container. This will ensure the water can drain out of the bottom of the container, preventing disease like root rot from forming.
  • Adapt a consistent watering schedule for your bathroom houseplants. More often than not, houseplants need less water than you’d think, so be sure to research each type of plant you have, as well as your specific climate (humidity and light), in order to give your plants the correct amount of water. (Looking for the best choice of water for houseplants? Read this).
  • Most houseplants love bright, indirect sunlight. Some are more tolerant of low light conditions than others, however. When choosing new plants for your bathroom take into consideration the available light and how much light your indoor plant needs.
  • If you have a windowless bathroom, consider plants that are more tolerant of low light conditions. A bathroom is the perfect place for plants that need high humidity and low light!
  • The bathroom is typically the most humid room in the house. When choosing plants for the bathroom, always make sure the variety is tolerant of high humidity. These will be the right plants for your humid bathroom!
  • The best place for most indoor plants is a spot where they will receive bright, indirect light. If you do not have a window for your live plants, be sure to give them long daily sessions of artificial light.

Bathroom Ideas For Hanging Plants

hanging swiss cheese plant

Here are a few ideas on how to use indoor plants in your bathroom:

  • If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom window, hang a shelf where it will receive indirect light. Feature air plants and philodendron on this shelf!
  • Using strong hooks, create a corner of the bathroom for hanging plants. Hang these plants in groups of threes for artistic balance.
  • In a small bathroom feature air plants. These low maintenance plants will enjoy the extra humidity of the bathroom and won’t take up too much shelf space!
  • Re purpose a hanging ladder and hang it securely in your bathroom. Use this platform to hang your gorgeous indoor plants!
  • Take advantage of a large bathroom with windows and turn it into a beautiful plant room. Create a green wall full of gorgeous plants!
  • Choose curtain rods that can tolerate at least twenty pounds of weight, and feature several cascading plants over a window. Just make sure the curtain rod you choose can tolerate the weight of the plants.
zz plant in a pot

Final Thoughts

Now it’s up to you to create your own beautiful bathroom oasis by adding hanging indoor plants to your bathroom!

Just imagine this: you step into a bathroom resplendent in hanging plants, the beauty of nature all around you. During your shower your mind is calmed by the gorgeous greens while your body is invigorated.

Creating such a restorative indoor bathroom plant experience isn’t hard, but you need to choose plants that can tolerate high humidity and lower light conditions.

Use our list of hanging indoor plants to create a beautiful green bathroom that revitalizes your soul!

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