The Best Gift Ideas For A Plant Lover (2023 Guide)

Are you looking for the best gifts for a plant lover? As a lifelong plant enthusiast, I’m here to guide you to the best gifts for your favorite plant person.

Aside from a few gift card ideas and plant purchases, ALL of these gifts can be purchased on Amazon. Consider this your perfect one-stop gift guide for all the plant lovers in your life!

spider plant in terra cotta pot

Hi there! If we haven’t met my name is Jamie. I’m a plant enthusiast with a background in environmental studies and professional photography. I’m here to help you find the perfect gift for the plant people in your life.

And if you’re looking for Christmas gifts but short on time, I’ve got lots of ideas from Amazon for (hopefully) quick shipping!

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beautiful succulents in terra cotta pot

Gifts For Plant Lovers (From Amazon)

Let’s face it: many of us love to order a great gift from Amazon and call it good (myself included!). I’ve tried many of these products, read the reviews, and scoured Amazon for the best fits for the plant lover in your life. 

All of these gifts are plant lover approved:

Houseplant Books

Do you have a budding new plant parent in your household? Give them a gift that educates and inspires. A beautiful houseplant book is a good idea, giving them tips on the best watering, soil, and light. Houseplants For Beginners is excellent for newbies.

Board Games

Add some plant fun to game night by gifting your friend or family member a fun plant-themed game. Planted is a gorgeously designed indoor plant board game that will put a green thumb to the test. During this game, you collect resources needed to water and grow your plant, and the best gardener wins!

string of turtles

Indoor Plant Stand

Indoor plant stands are an aesthetically pleasing and functional way to display plants, and they are a great gift for your plant-loving friend. There are many styles and varieties to choose from. These Bamworld plant stands are excellent for the serious plant collector. 

Keep in mind the size of the living space as you thoughtfully choose the right plant stand to give your friend. For a modern look, consider this plant stand with pot. You could even add a snake plant as a bonus to the gift!

Flower Gardening Books

Flower gardening books are a feast for the eyes and a delight for the flower gardener’s soul. True plant lovers enjoy reading about plants almost as much as digging in the dirt. The best gardening books contain beautiful flower images, gardening tactics, and flower inspiration. We love Floret Farm’s books on growing cut flowers and dahlias. Get more ideas on our full post on the best flower gardening books

zinnia flowers in garden

Pots + Containers

A beautiful ceramic pot is the perfect present for a plant gardener. Make sure the container has drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. These small terra cotta pots have a gorgeous design and are perfect for apartment dwellers who love houseplants.

For indoor plants, we love the look of these elegant containers. And these charming ceramic planters can be used both inside or outside making them a versatile gift for your gardening friend.

Psst… here’s a quick tip! One of the things indoor gardeners love the most are real, LIVE plants! Head to your local nursery and check out the indoor garden section. Choose from pothos, spider plants, or a holiday cactus… your green thumb plant person will know what to do with it! Or, opt for a gift certificate so your friend can purchase themselves!

A New Set Of Pruners

Every gardener has set down their pair of pruners only to lose them in the thistles and branches! It’s always good to have an extra set of small pruners on hand, so why not buy the plant lover in your life a nice set? Our favorite pair are these Fiskars bypass shears. We’ve used them to prune everything- from roses to dahlias!

pruners used to cut dahlia flowers

Houseplant Shears

A small part of houseplant shears are the perfect stocking stuffer for indoor plant enthusiasts. These nifty little shears are perfect for pruning indoor plants and taking cutting for propagation.

Nice Gardening Gloves

Speaking of pruning, consider buying a nice pair of gloves for your plant-loving friend. Grab these durable thorn proof gloves for the active gardener who does a lot of rose pruning. And these leather work gloves for women will prevent slivers and thorns from making their presence known as your friend works! 

Watering Cans

A functional AND beautiful watering can be rare and makes an excellent gift for Mother’s Day or Christmas! Our favorite watering can for indoor plants is this enamel watering can. The long-stemmed spout allows you to water right at the soil level, preventing splashing water from disrupting roots. It’s available in several vibrant colors, our favorite being sky blue!

Because this watering can is so small, it’s best for indoor plants such as String Of Turtles or Cebu Blue Pothos

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This outdoor watering can features a charming cottage garden design, delighting any plant lover. It makes an aesthetically pleasing gift and is functional, too: the shower head easily rotates off so that you can easily with a gentle stream if needed.

Soil, Fertilizer + Perlite!

Okay, hear us out on this one. If you have a friend who is an avid indoor gardener, chances are they will be THRILLED to try out a new fertilizer or soil medium. It’s true…. plant collectors nerd out over soil! 

*Fun gift tip: put together a “care” package for plants with all three elements above!

soil for potted plant

Plant Inspired Puzzles

If your nature lover also loves puzzles, why not combine their passions by gifting them a plant-inspired puzzle? We love this colorful succulent puzzle or this vintage plant puzzle. Pair this gift with a small houseplant and a funny plant mug, and you’ve got an incredibly charming little gift set!

Grow Light

A grow light can come in for indoor gardening. Purchase your budding houseplant gardener a grow light and they’ll be thrilled!

Indoor Plant Journal 

This gorgeous indoor plant journal is perfect for the houseplant lover. It includes a plant wish list to jot down future plants you’d love to own, areas to write down when you bought your plant and how to care for it, and a water log!

Christmas Gifts For A Plant Lover

Looking for a few stocking stuffer ideas for your plant-obsessed friend or family member? These small gifts would make perfectly charming stocking stuffers. 

New Seeds

A pack of new seeds is a promise of hope for tomorrow. Is that too cheesy? Not if you’re a plant lover! We get googly eyed over seed packets here, and chances are your plant loving friend will too.

We adore these Save The Bees and Save The Monarch flower mixes! You can also gift zinnias, cosmos or unique varieties of sunflowers!

(Always read the reviews and buy from reputable growers!).

yellow zinnia flowers

Plant Magnets

A cute and charming stocking stuffer, these plant magnets have a powerful purpose- they stick things to your fridge while looking like live succulents! Plant magnets are a charming addition to any stocking, and your plant friend will love them.

Flower Stickers

These gorgeous flower stickers would make a great stocking stuffer. What’s more, you can easily divide and share them if you have more than one flower lover in your life! I love the classic tones of this flower sticker set.

Buying Houseplants As Gifts (Best Tips)

We’ve got you covered if you want to gift a unique houseplant. Some tropical plants can be hard to find, BUT there are several excellent locations to purchase them from.

green christmas cactus

A true plant lover will appreciate you going out of your way to pick them up a new plant, and living plants make unique gift ideas for nature lovers!

Where to find them:

  • Etsy: Did you know you can order houseplants from growers on Etsy? We’ve done it many times. Here are our best tips for making sure your plant arrives safe and sound. First, read through the reviews on the Etsy shop. Ensure they have five stars- this will help guarantee perfect products arrive at your door. Usually, sellers with 5-star ratings have excellent customer service. Next, purchase a heat pack if you buy your plant in the winter.
  • Boutique Plant Stores Or Nurseries: Small indoor plant sellers often have storefronts. These local nurseries are a goldmine for unique and fun plants. It’s where we bought our Christmas cactus last year. You’re sure to find MANY fun gift options at a small plant store.
  • Big Box Stores: ​Big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes can be a perfect place to pick up a plant gift, but care given to plants at these locations can be hit or miss. Check on the health condition of the plant you are purchasing: make sure it does not look wilted, have any yellow spots, or show signs of rot (black spots at the base of the plant). 

Living plants make excellent gifts. They improve air quality, lift the mood and add a beautiful aesthetic to the home. Many houseplant growers are obsessed with plants… and they will likely be thrilled to receive one as a gift!

Give A Meyer Lemon Tree!

If you are looking to impress, consider gifting a Meyer Lemon Tree. With beautiful blooms and a sweet fragrance, these trees will offer lemons multiple times a year!

These fruit trees can easily be grown indoors and are a delight to behold (and smell).

You can order Meyer Lemon Trees online from specialty growers, and sometimes Costco carries them!

Best Low-Maintenance Plants To Give

​All of these easy-to-grow plants would be a great choice for the budding houseplant enthusiast:

  • Spider plants: Spider plants are resilient and can take a little neglect from a new gardener. When happy, they produce lots of plant babies-fun for both novice and experienced growers!
  • Snake plants: Incredibly hard to kill! Snake plants can thrive in low-light conditions and need very little care. They actually do better with neglect! They are the perfect plant for a new plant owner. Plus, they have a very appealing modern aesthetic.
  • Pothos: aesthetically pleasing and easy to love
  • Peperomia: Try String of Turtles for a charming gift!
  • Air plants: Air plants just look cool! They are easy to grow and make a very unique and charming gift.

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